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More and more casinos go with brand new , sophisticated live games at the start. Extremely lifelike and realistic camera dealers and croupiers in these varied settings provide a particularly glamorous games casino visit .

The extremely well arranged payout tables , the unique design and exquisite detailing of the live games give games like roulette, blackjack and baccarat a special touch of exclusivity. Thus, players are guaranteed to like in the real casino feel and enjoy a more authentic experience . With live games , get real casino experience right to your home . Try your luck today at your favorite game with the dealer of your choice!

Unfortunately, you can not play for fun live games in the flash version but only in Real Money mode. For this purpose, you simply need to download the appropriate Casino software is a thrilling live match absolutely nothing in the way . About Camera's professional television experience your game in the best HD quality from different points of view:

For a better overview and a live casino experience like at the game table . In addition, the cards have been adjusted in size and designed the new chips . The user interface is further adapted to high - needs and offers players an equally easy use for casino beginners and professional players : fold-out window is the console view over days , using the zoom function while you are even closer to the action. Casino Games in this dimension , it has never happened before !

As the name suggests, at Jackpot games are about the big win . Clearly, therefore , a game of this extremely exciting games only in Real Money mode really worth it. Finally, the special kick is the jackpot games in the chance of the progressive jackpot. The games are therefore offered only very occasionally in the Flash version to try out. For what would a Jackpot without the big jackpot, Therefore, in order to take advantage of this opportunity due to the mega- profit, you need to download the appropriate software from a casino jackpot game.