Wheel Of Fortune

A small ball that rolls within a rotating disk in the opposite direction and then stops suddenly in one of the synergizing from 0 to 36 numbered pockets of the Roulette . Apparently a game like any other , but it embodies more than a century gambling in its most passionate , perfect form . The simplicity of the rules , the clarity of the relationship between the risk and the amount paid multiplied stake in the event of a win , plus the ability to choose one of the funds and the temperament appropriate category , the Roulette made ​​it one of the most attractive and alluring gambling of all time .

It was not only to Zeroing certain social circles , but also because of the existing emotions and temptations to curse and a tragedy for those who were confiscated by Hein roulette in the deafening battle for Fortuna . This sometimes for a select few of success ended winning fight and ends with a smooth defeat for most.

From the roulette money wasted in the almost fabulous wealth of the casinos incurred . In their all-consuming cash as much good , so much investment capital of a trade and manufacturing company has been lost .

The roulette is the subject of actual and fictitious dramas , exciting stories, memoirs and novels , it is the source of anecdotes about the illusion of happiness and the cruelty of defeat. What is the cause of his power and superiority over the player and why it affects the players so unconditionally that they are subject to its destructive effect and can bewitch voluntarily ? One must understand that only a few find their way through the basic rules and customs of the roulette game . The Rota table disc with the thirty-six numbers and the ball the same principle lots of a number, the draw of a lot . The game takes place on a table , however , on a large table with numbers from 1 to 36, shown in three columns , and with the additional top-mounted zero .