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The " Come / Don 't Come " bet is similar to the " Pass / Don ' t Pass " bet . The difference is that the "Come " bet can only be made ??after the shooter has established his point and the Come bet is played over two rounds .

If you bet on Pass / Don ' t Pass , you have a small advantage over the players who bet on the Come / Don' t Come Line . This is because you have the option of " playing the odds . " The odds bet is an additional bet that you can do in addition to the initial bet and after a point is made ??. This bet is very beneficial for you because this casino has no house advantage .

According to the Craps rules , the odds bet twice as high as the original bet. You make this bet under ( do not ) pass line bet . This is only possible if you already have a pass line , do not pass line , or come loaded. Do not come bet

There are other possible bets , such as the fall of craps ( 2 , 3 or 12 ) or 7 in the following steps . This is the complicated part of the game . We recommend you not to engage in such bets immediately. Make sure you first know all online craps rules and acquired. Enough playing experience This might offer in one of the many online casinos where they free Craps .

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