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The online casinos give players a bonus on their deposits. That's the thanks of the casinos that you can play with you. Because online casinos have many advantages over fixed casinos, you do not need elaborate buildings , not great lighting , not so much staff, etc Therefore, you grant an online casino bonus that can be up to 300% of the deposit. But beware, this is not a gift, because in order to prevent abuse, the casinos have tied this bonus to certain conditions.

Most of you have this bonus up to 20 times. So if you take a bonus of 100 euros to complete, you must use at least 2,000 euros in the game. Of course you do not have to pay 2,000 euros , but with your deposit of say 100 Euros and 100 Euros bonus you must play 4,000 euros . As this is not often easy , please read the terms very carefully , if you have not fully understood , please make sure to get the support. But for most of the bonus is a welcome contribution for a quick profit and for longer game play.

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In the deposit options for online casinos, there are almost unlimited possibilities. We want to list a few of the most used: Credit Cards: Here almost all credit cards can be used. Very happy to be paid on the Visa card that is quick and easy. However, at Visa is the great disadvantage that the visa can be no payouts. But of course a deposit via MasterCard is possible. Unlike Visa also possible there is a payoff, so the MasterCard is actually the most popular form of payment in the online casino.