French Roulette

Moreover , the insert below , are placed under one of the three vertical columns ( game to 12 numbers) or on fields that receive bets on the first, second or third dozen , i.e. number of sentences 1 to 12 , or from 13 to 24, or from 25 to 36 Finally, you can put on sage easy opportunities on the designated on both sides of the number columns large areas, i.e. the color red or black ( each 18 numbers belong to each of these two colors) , to " small " numbers ( Manqué to 18) and on " large " ( Passé , from 19 upwards) , on even and odd numbers .

The additional 37 Number changes the situation in favor of the bank. The undisguised balance is 1/ 37, or about 2.7%. Apparently a very small percentage compared to the number lotto , lotteries and numbers games and even enticed to the game. For easy chances this deduction is reduced by half ( since you play on numbers 18 to 18 1/2 , for " Zero " does not the whole , but only half use ) and then the deduction is merely 1.35% .

And it is here , in this small percentage , is the whole secret of the profitability of roulette . Namely, we calculate odds and payouts once , it is found that the game worked taxes are relatively low. However, the frequency of the ball throws is not taken into account. Ongoing allocations are performed at intervals of a few minutes at each table and the sales percentages grow imperceptibly to considerable height when the money is taken in the course of a day a whole group of players .

It can not be otherwise . It does not win the " happy " bank and it does not lose the " ill-fated " players - it is simply the tax deducted for participation in the game and this process is inevitable. It may happen that the bank playful. The particular unique game for the table in question is capital Actually playful. When the bank wins - in most cases ! - That is always in mind that the less occupied by the players numbers come out. Over the weeks , months and years , however, gains and losses from the same , and do not make profits - contrary to the view of the laity - the main benefits of the casinos, but that systematic turnover percentage.