Online Slots

The current crisis is no impediment for the business of these slot machines have higher growth than in good times. On the contrary, this situation sharpens the wits of many who try to save the losing streak looking for a lucky break playing with the slots ( slot ).

These machines are one of the gambling most popular in Spain (exist in almost all bars and catering) and with this crisis in the country, continue to add benefits.

The business grew by 6.18% in the province of Cadiz, which is equivalent to a turnover of almost 244 million euros in 2007, 15 million more than in 2006 and 22 million more than in 2005 , according to the "Annual Statistical Private Game" published by the Ministry of Interior.

The slot machines are leaders in the private gaming sector and only in the province of Cádiz in excess of 400 million euros a year. Employers in the catering and hospitality business have been clear.

To cope with the drop in consumption, bars and catering establishments requested the installation of 500 slot machines more alone in this province, as in previous years the average number of machines installed was only 100 slots annually.

Yet according to surveys of private games, Cadiz citizens are no more money left in these gaming machines (50.49 euros), but of Algeria and Helve with a mean of 82 and 78 euros .

Despite the favorable data in the field of "gambling", the bingos and casinos have reduced their benefits since the year 2007 the turnover had reached 165 million (5 million less than in 2006). Investing in "gambling" in times of lean is nothing new. In the years 1993 and 1994 when Spain lived a situation similar to the present, these gambling establishments they saw increase profits (both in the private and public sectors) in different variants like slots , lotteries and sports betting .