No Deposit Poker

It is the ratio of the stack to the big blind. The stack is the technical term for the number of chips a player has not. That's the most important thing in the tournament. Because, for example, can be much more if the minimum bet is only 100 chips or almost nothing if the minimum bet is already up to 2000 chips 3000 chips.

The value of the chips of the size of the blinds or depending how many chips have the other players. And this difference also determines the style of play. they can be found as a player in four different phases of the game. If your stack is greater than 25 times the big blind, you are sure to play in the tournament and extremely patient.

This means that you are just waiting for the best starting hands and do not engage in any risky maneuvers. In the early days of the tournament, you will be in this situation for long. You must not make the mistake here, how many other players and want the same for a lot of action.

If you have top cards, then play aggressively, all other hands you should not even consider. was only when your stack is down to the 10-fold to 24-times the big blind, more aggressiveness from you will be required.

Although you can still wait for good hands, but in the selection, you should not be quite so strict. Winning several small pots, with bluffs, can help you to keep your stack stable. You should also aggressive action against the player in the small blind and big blind in order to win more often these chips so.

Is your stack once in 10 times the big blind like, then turn around and play more just to survive. That means going with reasonably good cards all in order to double either the stack or with this turn at least the player in the small blind and bring the big blind to get off, to secure further rounds. , the fourth game phase is the Bubble phase.