How To Play Roulette

The Roulette game works pretty simple. You must when playing European Roulette or American Roulette always careful that you know where you place your chips . That's the first thing you have to learn . The general Roulette rules consist of three main groups].

This bet is called so because you chips inside (literally inside ) the grid insert on the Roulette table This may be according to the rules Roulette on a single number , or to a group numbers adjacent to the grid.

There are bets that you will not find on the Roulette table . These include bets with names like " en prison " , " portage la " and " Violins due Zero " . Roulette rules of this are little more complicated . How do you read these bets work in our Glossary Glossary Roulette .

These three main groups for Roulette rules you out of your mind to learn but we give you the advice to start the Outside bets .

These bets are the most wise thing to do and most secure. To understand the bets in Roulette you have to know what happens in the game . We start with the Roulette wheel .

The Roulette wheel in real casino is a big bowl of almost a meter in diameter , with slightly sloping walls . It weighs about fifty pounds . The surface in the roulette wheel is divided into 37 ( or 38 ) boxes . Each box is just big enough to catch it running. Ball

The squares are alternately red and black, odd and even numbered . Each box has a number between 1 and 36 . The exception is the zero spot , this is green . The placement of numbers is no order and perfectly random. The numbers are so divided that they give the best balance between red / black , odd / even and high / low.