Play At Online Casinos

Online casinos offer many casino games to play and black jack is one of them. Few casino games and especially the card games are really mind blowing. Black jack is one of the most famous casino card games. Many casino visitors love to play black jack and hellboy here, in fact, it is listed among the top casino games in almost all the online casinos.

Black jack has few rules which you are bound to follow. It is played against the house like rest of the casino games. In the beginning, the dealer and the players receive two hole cards. The cards of the players are faced down; whereas one card of the dealer is faced up and the other is faced down. Then comes the betting round. The main goal of the black jack is to make a total score of 21 with two cards and not above 21. The player who is able to make a score of 21 or closer to 21 wins the game. The value of the cards are already fixed like 2 to 10 carry the same value as the face value of these cards. The jack, queen and king are given ten points each and the aces can be valued either 1 or 11 as per the choice of the individual player. If aces are valued 11 then the hand is known as ‘soft’ else it is known as ‘hard’.

There are various other options which are given to use. You can ‘hit’ which means to get another card to make up the score of 21 or near it. You can ‘stand’ which means to end your turn; or you can ‘double’ through which you can double the bet, get one more card and play free roulette then finish the game. You can ‘split’ if you have got two cards of the same face value and you can make two hands through these by asking for two more cards for each hand. You can ‘surrender’ which means to give up half of your bet to the dealer and then retire from the game. Black jack is pretty easy, simple and interesting to play if you follow and understand the rules of the game which are not many and are not cumbersome.